Bienvenido a Menorca

Bienvenido a MENORCA


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Menorca: an island of contrasts

The island of Menorca, part of the Balearic Islands, is a place of great natural beauty and an outstanding location for outdoor sports and activities.

There are many reasons why people who like active holidays would enjoy visiting the island, if they haven’t been here before. There are over two hundred kilometres of coastline, a hundred or so idyllic beaches and coves, dozens of gullies and an extensive network of footpaths and country lanes. The weather is mild and the rainfall level low for most of the year. This little Mediterranean island covers an area of about seven hundred square kilometres, of which 42% is protected, and was declared a Biosphere reserve more than two decades ago.
Make the most of your holiday by being outdoors. Menorca is perfect for outdoor sports as it is so beautiful and yet at the same time very diverse. Being an island, far from detracting from its appeal, makes it a unique tourist destination. There are few holiday spots in the Mediterranean that can offer quite as much in a small space.
The island’s main claim to fame is its sea of warm, tranquil and limpid waters. The allure is irresistible: coves and beaches that could be tropical rather than Mediterranean and grandiose cliffs overhanging the coastline. Menorca charms
the most hardened traveller when seen from a kayak or a sailing or motor boat. This island, the northernmost of the Balearics, has a well conserved environment and a fascinating sea life.
Menorca is not just a beautiful coastline. Despite being quite a small island, the countryside inland is very diverse. The landscape in the northern half is quite wild and varied; while the southern half is scored by gullies where lush vegetation grows. Ramblers, cyclists and horse riders can explore the exceptional scenic beauty of the countryside along an extensive network of country lanes covering both sides of the island. The most important path is the long distance footpath Camí de Cavalls (GR-223), a coastal path that is 184 km long, going all round the island, through some of the most beautiful landscapes of the island.
The setting, the unspoilt scenery and a wide range of services and products contribute towards making Menorca a destination to bear in mind when planning your next holiday.